They getting paid. 

They getting paid real good.

Meanwhile they desire for you to hate everyone who is different, after all they know you’ll never question their agenda if you’re busy killing another people group with your thoughts. 

So take your pills and tune it out.

Go back to sleep.

Don’t get too woke. 

Don’t stir the boat.

Don’t question authority. Just submit.

Big brother wanna take care of you. 

Worship your savior, worship your gubbament. 

She’s a whore, she’s a beast, and she’s busy getting drunk of the blood of the innocents. Tyranny and trade, she loves oil and money. 

She spreads her legs for any nation that would weaken her people for just a little sense of security. 

And her people say, “who is like her?”

You won’t grasp the biblical references cause we don’t make disciples anymore

The Christians on your left and right have mostly been lured

Into believing a false narrative

That Cesar is Lord

Hoping that Empire will somehow restore

Because they’ve forgotten the beloved community

The kingdom of God

Instead we’ve exchanged truth for a facade

Exalting man made structures and systems that oppress

Stamping it with a cross

And saying

“God bless.”

Wake up, sleeper.

Wake up soon.

Wash your garments 

And do what is right and fair and good

Cause the only debt you owe is to love

Start in your neighborhood. 


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