I didn’t want to read this book. 

I didn’t want to read this book. I knew it would involve some tears. Some grieving. Something of me. Any good book should wreck you and rebuild you and somehow offer the chance for change.But I didn’t want to grieve anymore. I didn’t want to cry. I suppose I thought, “how many times do I need to be healed?” 

So I put it off. 

I put it off in the name of busyness.

And I put it off again.
Finally I decided to crack the pages, when I felt the Spirit of God say, “it’s time.”

Some books we don’t want to read, because we know we’ve got some work to do.

Carol Howard Merritt’s Healing Spiritual Wounds is one of these.

I feel very hopeful after reading it. 

And connected to others, who’ve experienced hurt, and healing.

How I love the church, I received my deepest wounds and my holy healing from her. 


One thought on “I didn’t want to read this book. 

  1. At seminary graduation, the speaker addressed us, “Congratulations, you go out to serve the only army that shoots its wounded.” Seriously, he was warning us of the pain to come along serving in Jesus’ name. Of course, crucifixion is a major part of the Christ experience. Thanks for sharing, I’ll be ordering my own copy now.

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