The word of the Lord to the postmodern church…

The word of the Lord to the postmodern church, in the last year of president Obama’s reign. 
Write to the people, 
If you didn’t want the truth, and raw honesty

You would have built your home amongst the “sellers and peddlers” of the gospel. You would have taken up shop near the charlatans and dealers of snake oil. Like Simon The Magi desired power; they attempt to sell flashy outward dress and spiritual firecrackers to woo the crowds. 

Yet I desire and value humility, and serving the marginalized as if they were made in the image of God.
Would you pander to me, and speak down to me, if I were sitting on the curb as you walked by? Would you ignore me?

You ignore me every time you ignore those being shot down on your streets, those without homes, those begging for safe passage, and those who are denied access to your worship services. 

The one who was greatest amongst us taught us to serve others, and in doing so died because he challenged the government and religious powers. He also set us free in that moment to know the truth.
So don’t come to me saying you desire God when you only desire to be lifted up before others. Go deal with your hurt and wounds with God. Grapple with the head of warring angels for a while. Beg for your healing, and then walk away with a limp. 
You want the big stage, and God’s stage remains set for the poor and the needy. I wish you’d forget about your smoke machine worship, and your hopes at drawing a crowd.

I wish you’d draw Unto Me and let me offer you the affection you’ve always wanted. 

So come back to me, so you can go find the divine seated at the city gates begging for change. 

It’s time you gave up your adulterous hopes of glory for my dreams of you to be salt and light. 
If you’ll change your ways, and humble yourself, I’ll be the healing you’ve searched for in every empty place. I’ll give you a name that doesn’t depend on celebrity or status. 

If you’ll serve those that the powers tell you are undeserving, if you’ll open your heart to those who are shut in, if you’ll amend the ways you treat your work force, then I’ll call you my banner carrier once again. 

No longer will you bow down to human forms of hierarchies, and acclamations in the public square.

You’ll be so shiny and bright, you’ll attract long lost children from every corner of the world.
Purify yourself. For a raging fire comes, and will purify everything that stands in its way. 


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