When the anointing…

When the anointing of God is on you to preach Good News to the Poor,
no one can stop you-

even those who twist scripture:


1) twist it to be esoteric, overly spiritual, so it’s not focus on the here and now,

but rather too heavenly minded to do any earthy good

2) twist it so as to remain in their comfort and have it tickle their ears, so they pride themselves on their filthy rags of attempts of righteousness




3) twist it so as to attempt to divorce the gospel of its revolutionary transformative power from its language.
And mostly, the biblically ignorant twist scripture. (who are only repeating like parrots what some preacher told them.)

It’s time to change our own diapers, baby Christians and grow up. Sitting on a pew doesn’t do jack for Jesus.
We need to look at Luke 4 and Isaiah 61.

Do we want to follow Jesus?

Then surely, we desire his anointing, and that of the prophets of the people of God.

What was his anointing? To do Justice. To practice Mercy. To walk in humility.


What do you think?



well, what do you think?

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