Sway Sway Sway

I like talking in tongues, painting in acrylic, petting my dog in the warm sun of midday,
serving the poor, being the hands and feet, and following that Jesus Way.

I cuss some, and moonshine is alright, I sound like a sailor and I read my bible by the candlelight,

Sometimes in the cool of day, you can find me on my front port-
sitting in the swing, the rocking chair, or the pew,
talking to others about what Love might do.

And laughing, crying and being near
The sacred space where perfect love casts out all fear

And the invitation is open, for you to come sit on my porch with the crickets sanging,
smoke em if you got em,
Because at this house we love, no empty noise, or brass clanging.

So come all ye heavy laden, ye freaks, ye misfits, ye queer
Come to the front porch, Let’s sing a hymn and have a beer.


well, what do you think?

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