Over 3 years

It’s been over 3 years since I sat with regional leaders, presbyters, church planters, and preachers in a little room, where I stated my case for planting a missional church that welcomed and loved People who have been marginalized by the church. The state leader of this denomination, full of the Holy Spirit, looked at me and told me he loved my heart and hoped I succeeded in my call. Yet, this denomination could not go where I wanted to go. So I said peace and walked away. I was told by other leaders of the same denomination that I was going against scripture. I was called heretic, anathema, and dragged through the mud. I had threatening letters and angry facebook messages. Many friends disassociated from me. I cried as my own long time pastor told me I couldn’t even work in the nursery with my beliefs. But, I walked away. I was hurt. Angry. Depressed. But also felt a tremendous weight lifted. I wasn’t called to change the minds of conservative or evangelical Christians- I was sent to love the ones who had been pushed away from Church. It’s not that I don’t love tradition conservative evangelical christians, I do. And although, I am associating with the mainline, I’m still Bapticostal, I love the bible and I pray in the spirit more than most. But it’s not my calling to reform anyone. It’s my calling to love. 🙂 and I’m doing that.


3 thoughts on “Over 3 years

  1. Bec, I want to give you a virtual hug! ((( Bec ))) I said something similar to the leaders of the church I used to belong to, and to the elders in charge of the Committee for the Preparation for Ministry in my (now, former) presbytery. It was as if they didn’t/couldn’t hear me. Or, perhaps they did not WANT to hear me. I wanted and still want to minister to people in recovery and to their loved ones. I wanted to minister to people who have been marginalized and isolated, those with dual diagnosis. As a chaplain (which is what I did for most of the last ten years) I did just that at the hospitals and care centers where I worked. But–I wanted to do more. So, I talked to the church leaders and people at the denomination. NOTHING. The silence was deafening.

    Now, providentially, God/HP has plunked me down at a small church in the Chicago suburbs, St. Luke’s Church in Morton Grove. It is a sweet church with aging membership, but a church that I am faithfully serving. (Amen! Yes, Lord!) I have started a prayer ministry at this church. That’s one thing the seniors at this church are great at–prayer!

    Bec, could I ask you to pray? Pray that little St. Luke’s truly becomes a church after God’s own heart? That’s what I have been saying to the congregation, and encouraging them, with the Prayer Project. And I would very much like to reach out to marginalized, isolated, hurting, and lonely individuals. Perhaps we can all pray together. And, I will continue to pray for you. God bless you at this Advent time, this waiting time. @chaplaineliza

    1. Bec, having been a Southern Baptist minister, with charismatic leanings, I can relate and applaud your heart. I’ve gone elsewhere seeking the openess and liberation to serve God and God’s people as the Spirit leads. Blessings upon all you do in your desire to follow Jesus, who was after all, “a friend of sinners.”

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