Once you hear the cry of the oppressed- your ears are open.
Once you’ve abandoned selfishness to serve others in one cause, you see many causes.

Once your heart hears God speak of Justice, your very existence is now going to suck- because you care about the poor, the forgotten, the abused, the sick, and those misunderstood or called sinner. Your existence will suck -and be beautiful- because society likes power, greed,and fame. It’ll be hard for sure to be like a lamb and lift others up. You’ll feel that burn Jeremiah described. You’ll get angry at God and disillusioned with the Church. Then you’ll see hope and glimpses of glory- even in the institutional church. following Christ isn’t a subculture- the music you listen to or what movies you watch. Your faith isn’t consumerism. The branding and commercialization- the politicalization of morality- the security in the war machine- that’s all adultery of world systems. Shake the capitalism, cultural hegemony, privilege and western worldview off your faith. Following Jesus means being a radical and loving others despite the current economic, religious, or political environment.


well, what do you think?

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