Getting festive post Christendom

I’m not big on turkey. Or the slaughtering of First Nation people. I do love community. And family. And the Clean house. So I Lite candles. I Drag weird Nordic, Swedish, Celtic, German cultural
items and
An Israeli olive wood nativity scene from The basement.
Some pagan nature worshipping garland and Yule tide festivities. Solstice and Festival of light. And although Mithras, Osaris, dyonisus, Adonis and many others celebrate their birthday, I like the Jesus guy. And no Christmas isn’t about Walmart or Macy’s. Or Christ died so I could have good credit. So I will take the old decorations and make some new decorations and let the magic of the natural seasons seep into my home, with families close and hearts loving and consider the ethical teachings of Jesus. So yes, decorating has officially begun. we live in a global society. Let us finally admit christians have done some shitty things to others. Fox News isn’t news, but tabloid crap for gullible folks who love a regular diet of fear and sensationalism. But we now can educate ourselves. So do so. And then celebrate each other. Garland, wreaths, a few Chanukah candelabras and whatever Festivus or Kwanza elements I find.


well, what do you think?

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