I have a movie hangover.

I have a movie hangover.
It is lingering in my heart.
rolling over in my soul.
affecting my thinking.

I watch many films, usually on the couch. Resting nearby a cuddly Basil. I venture out to the theatres several times a year, but not as much as when I was single and income seemed more disposable. I give adequate critique to films I have seen. I am not quick with praise. Much like my remarks after a sermon. I hear a hundred sermons each year. I know good preaching when I hear it. Most sermons are so-so. Bad sermons neglect historical context or exegesis, or have no relevance in today’s world. But when I hear a good sermon, I take note and share with others.

And the movie Calvary is a good movie, and a great sermon, if only someone has the ears to hear what the movie says.

Several of my friends have blogged about the movie already. In fact, I went to watch the movie after reading David’s blog. David basically suggested that “Calvary” was the Christian film to watch. And I agree. All that stuff marketed as “Christian” is more or less American white-washed fake-Jesus stuff for the dead and nearly dying. This movie is for the awake and the awakening.” Calvary” The Trailer

Father James

Father James

The burning of the Church

Topics of interest:
The decline of the Church and the remaining communion table
The 1%
War and Pacifism
Hatred of the Church
spousal abuse
animal cruelty

I won’t summarize the film here- you can read more about that in other places. What I will say is there are images that stick out to me, and reverberate within my soul.

Father James doesn’t sell the same old American right rhetoric here as a priest. He is very involved in peoples lives- even some of whom are histrionic, crazy, drunkards, drug addicts, prideful, messy, awkward, hateful, and completely human.
His interactions with them all, show his love and care for the community. He doesn’t present a sloppy agape in any of these interactions, but gives Grace that is indeed close to Calvary. He’s short where he needs to be short- and he himself is fully human. He isn’t priggish about knowing-it-all or having “truth.” He handles doubt and mystery with romance and introspection.

He takes a thoughtful look into war and Killing
Father James: “I’ve always felt there’s something inherently psychopathic about joining the army in peace time, as far as I’m concerned people join the army to find out what its like to kill someone. I hardly think that’s an inclination that should be encouraged in modern society, do you?”

and grace.

and so many other things.

The scene that gets me is when his church is burned, the altar still stands. and communion still stands. and community stands. Something stands in me, after watching this movie. Its been a shitty year. The death of my father. My brother’s suicide. My mood swings. My diagnosis as barren. The stress at work. But its also been a year to prepare. a year of sabbatical rest- from Misfits, not my work at Gateway. And After watching Calvary, I think I am still called to be a minister.

So yeah, Its a great sermon and a good movie. and a must see.



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