They say radical may be the new term that bares shame or legalism.

I recently read a blog that suggested being “radical” or missional for Christ is a new form of reactionary legalism. Is it a reaction or a prophetic cry? The blog calls for ordinary Christians? Does ordinary mean nominal? You can be an ordinary Christ follower and not be nominal. But Christ followers aren’t just Christian because Maw and Paw went to First Baptist or hallelujah revival center. Christ following is about loving others and transforming the world. the vast majority in the bible-belt claim to be born again Christians and yet racism, sexism, nationalism and other world systems continue to flourish. Romans 12:2…Be ye not conformed- or is it be ye right-wing? It’s hard to tell the difference in Churchianity in the south. Just because you aren’t starting a ministry, protesting wars, standing with the oppressed of xyz country or holding orphans doesn’t mean you are ordinary. Sitting with the elderly, spending time with the autistic, caring for the lonely, rescuing animals, and even baking cookies for the church is radical! Anytime you walk in love you are radical. In my opinion every person following the way of Jesus is far from ordinary.
What do you think?


2 thoughts on “They say radical may be the new term that bares shame or legalism.

  1. Ya,hard to say exactly. I kind of hear you saying that it is ordinary to be radical as a follower of Jesus. That is to be truly rooted in the way of Jesus and truly united with Jesus Christ in his body is to not be conformed to the ways of the World and the Powers. The norm then is to be radical.

    I’d be curious about not so much the call for ordinary Christianity (whatever that may be) and to the blog authors concern that radical and missional Christianity is a from of legalism. I don’t see it, except that anytime one says if you experience the Grace of God well that is going to bring about radical changes in how one lives, can be turned around by some and interpreted as meaning if I make the radical changes then I will know I have experienced the Grace of God and know God loves me. I’ve not seen this sort of cart before the horse thinking in radical and missional Christian circles I’m aware of but that isn’t to say that it’s not happening. I wonder if this person is truly seeing something, or if the author simply sees Christianity as something that should be nice and comfortable and not stir up any uncomfortable changes in ones life.

    Lastly on the contrast and whether there is a contrast between ordinary and radical and think of Shane Claiborne and his sense of the “ordinary radical” and thus is Common Prayer for Ordinary Radicals.

well, what do you think?

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