I am my father’s child

Follower of the Way denotes a radical transformation of heart, mind, and practice. It isn’t a private club with hierarchies or a member’s only exclusivity. Nor is following Jesus a constant striving for ritual purity and outward holiness. Jesus didn’t start a new religion with doctrines and dogma, rather Jesus showed us how to live life-ultimately in a selfless act- because of his great love for humanity. It’s this transformation that infects every fiber of our self- kenosis- identity- right practice in relationships. I follow Jesus, and I am a broken messed up person full of life’s sufferings, pain, and my own past wrong actions. I am as devout as those who came before me- they passed on a legacy and a heritage. I may be an odd-ball, and a bapticostal misfit but I am my Father’s child. I am the beloved. I am a raggamuffin, a sinner and a saint, and my love is without borders as my father’s love is without borders.

Rest in peace, daddy. I am thankful for you and my Heavenly Father.


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