Suffering: Should Pastors be vulnerable?

Bec asks if pastors should be real, vulnerable, and admit suffering.


One thought on “Suffering: Should Pastors be vulnerable?

  1. Very interesting. I would agree that more realness and vulnerability and authenticity from spiritual leaders would probably help all of us to feel less alone in the inevitable struggles of life. When it comes to pastors, I think it’s possible that many pastors have a close-knit group of folks with whom they share their sufferings, but that group may not be their congregation/parishioners/sheep. The good thing is, that pastor has community in which to be real and vulnerable. The bad thing is, the congregation may never see that side of the pastor. I think, in this, there is also a call for “the people” to be more discerning. Surely, a perfect life full of faith and no suffering is not the whole story for ANYone, including pastors. And that is something we all have to bear in mind when someone is only showing us one-dimension of their life, whether authentic or facade.

well, what do you think?

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