the parable of the teacher

through the widows you could catch a glimpse of the rowdy students. some threw paper planes, laughed and carried on despite the presence of the teacher. He stood towards the classroom looking for eager pupils to learn what would help them and make them into the best they could be. yet many in the class decided they knew everything in their actions. After all, they consisted of the best kids from the nice neighborhoods. They received the attention of their peers. They dressed nicely and acted like they had it together-other than ignoring the teacher and forgetting about others. He commanded them with authority, yet they murmured and complained. No one seemed to care. They ignored the teacher as he wrote lessons with pastels. The students snickered and said things like “Why is he trying to change stuff? THINGS are fine the way they are!” “We are the important ones!” ” Our class remains excellent, we know our homework! we don’t need an education, there is nothing that needs to change” The teacher pushed his spectacles closer to his brow with his finger and silently considered the situation. looking towards the window,he saw wanting eyes staring back. these belonged to ones who regularly fell prey to the jabbing jesting of their peers. The teacher left the position at the chalkboard. He went to be with the few who wanted to hear the lessons. He stepped over the expensive bookbags, the nice shoes, and the designer notebooks.The students laughed. One cackled “hah! what a teacher!” He was determined now to let them stay ignorant since they decided in their hearts to do so. He saw his pupils. He made his way back to the socially awkward, the red-headed-freckled, the nerdy kid with the bucked teeth, the goth, the girls with head-coverings, the boy who wore girls clothes, and the kid with the braces on her legs. He bent down, got near their desks and proceeded with the lessons. Those students grew. They discovered their worth! So impacted by the teacher, these once made fun of students stopped careing about their hurts, became healed and graduated to become full-time healers of others, most becoming teachers…


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