how to love conservative christians and LGBT christians: is it possible?

I find myself somewhere floating between postdenominationalism and a love and respect for my roots in the Baptist and Pentecostal churches. One major issue facing the church at large today is “how to be Christ to the LGBT person.”  Its a complex question. So many are quick to take up ammunition! they prefer to blast the evangelicals and call them ignorant or hate mongers. or the opposite, scripture gets loaded into a gun and shot into the head of the LGBT person. really? I mean aren’t you all playing for the same team? what happened to Love?

I am super passionate about loving my neighbor, especially my gay and lesbian one. How hard is it to create this safe place for the LGBT person away from the guns of scripture? how hard is it to communicate  a different approach to ministry to the conservative groups?

let me share a story about a lady named  *Alison.  Alison contacted me about two weeks ago. She was fired from Wal-Mart for “productivity” issues. Alison however was Jason about two years ago. Alison now has no job. She has a family of four to feed- including a loving wife. Alison was raised in the Assemblies of God, and has faith- but has suffered alot of persecution at the hands of well-intending and some no-so, Christians. Alison needed housing. I prayed for her and quickly got to work locating funds. I sent a tweet out with a call for help. An Amazing young pastor in the Assemblies of God stepped up. His church paid for Alison a place to stay for the week! FOR THE WEEK!!!  what a loving thing to do.  I have hope for both the conservative and liberal  venues of the church.

Regardless on your personal interpretation of scriptures referencing homosexuality, one scripture should override all of them “Love your God and Love your neighbor.”

This is the tension we live in.



*name changed  (picture from google images: search black jesus)


2 thoughts on “how to love conservative christians and LGBT christians: is it possible?

  1. I love your passion for this issue!
    The more I think about it, the more I think we need to think about it. 🙂
    Maybe a good place to start would be to define what we mean by “loving”. When we say that we need to love the LGBT community, what are we saying? The reason I think this is important is because some people think that the most loving thing you can do when someone is “living in sin” is rebuke them. Some people think that the most loving thing you can do is tell someone they are going the wrong way and need to change. So, for people from this school of thought, loving the LGBT community is *always* going to mean pointing out their “wrongs” and trying to redirect them.
    But, if what we REALLY mean by “loving the LGBT community” is that we need to accept them as legitimate children in the family of God, then we should say so clearly and definitively.

    We desperately hope that we can set aside our varying interpretations of the Scriptures and focus on treating people well. But as long as we are convinced that there is ONE right way to understand the Scriptures and the life of faith, I don’t think that hope will be realized. When we get to the point of a multivocal Christianity, then perhaps we will be able to accept other interpretations as valid…as well as other Christians.

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