After being molested in a church, rejected for thinking different,then called a lesbian by everyone, pushed to the way side. after a drug overdose, a hell visitation,a powerful encounter with the living Christ. after continued judgement for my green combat boots or tattoos, after screaming “don’t make me a pentecostal,”after being asked to leave the youth leadership because I smoked, after being called a bad christian because I cussed, after wondering what was so bad with communists, after questioning my own country, after listening to a pastor tell me I needed a better image,   after falling in and out of beds where I couldn’t find love, after suicidal tendencies,after everything in me said I DONT WANT TO BE LIKE CHRISTIANS- after having my world thrown upside down in bible college, after meeting people of other faith, after crying night after night

I just want to be like Jesus.


 I am completely in love with God and will welcome you with your anger, thoughts and experiences on a journey with me into spirituality.


I am jacked up. i admit it. I’m not perfect. I like to cuss. I have some anger issues. And yet God fills me with his crazy love.


We are all completely jacked up.

But I still believe the Church is the Hope of Christ in this century.


If you think similarly, please join me in prayer.

I feel excited as though on the verge of a new reality.


and yet,

there remains great inequality and injustice.


Our LGBT brothers and sisters need a place to experience Christ, and they are told they are evil before they enter the door of our suppossed houses of Hope.

The church is divided over stupid issues- many people worry more about arguing over theology or keeping up an image than seeing to the poor and the widow.


There remains a detestable spirit of racism in the world.


Children are used for sex toys and discarded like no one cares.


The rich get richer and the poor remain off the radar.


we stereotype everyone.


we turn a blind eye to the homeless man, the mentally ill, and those in our social darwininsm we have deemed as not superior. Much like the Nazis, we care little for those we think are not worthy to be alive.

shame on us.


Help us God.

Help us to Change.

I am ready to be a peace-maker.

I wave a banner to all the others who are ready to face their own hypocrisy, as I face mine.

I shout grace to all those who feel condemned by religion.


Its time for the revolution to start.

I can’t go on, being half – awake…trying to sooth my ego or advance my own pride.

I have to love others.

I want to be like jesus.

Let’s go have a beer and talk


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